Tips for keeping your home and your pets safe this winter -

Tips for keeping your home and your pets safe this winter

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By Brian Feldman, News 4

With temperatures dropping to freezing – and below – in certain areas around St. Louis this weekend doctors and fire officials have some reminders about safety.  As for your pets, don’t keep them outside any longer than you would want to be out there.

“If they stay out in the cold and their temperature drops they can die,” Dr. Kim McDermott of Stray Rescue said.

Pets can still go on short walks for some exercise but that’s about it.  If it’s cold to you, it’s cold to them too.  Leaving them out for a long period of time can be awfully dangerous.

“Some come in very cold, their temperatures are decreased and hypothermic.  A lot of times we have to do IV fluids to get them warmed back up.  They can be pretty critical,” McDermott said.

As for your home it’s the most abundant time of year for fires to homes and apartments.  That’s because many residents cannot afford the high heating bills.  So, to avoid that, they attempt to stay warm through unconventional – and unsafe – methods.  Those include using an oven, a stove or a fire heater. 

But those often times lead to fires.

“Bills get so high they try to augment that with these secondary heating sources like these little space heaters.  Unfortunately kids drop blankets on them, pets knock them over, then we get fires and we’re seeing way too much of that right now,” Chief Dennis Jenkerson of the St. Louis Fire Department said.

If you’re having trouble with your heating bills look to Heat-Up St. Louis for help.  The organization offers assistance during these colder months to help residents stay warm while using safer heating methods.  All information can be found at its website –

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