North County residents seek answers from MSD after backyard land -

North County residents seek answers from MSD after backyard landslides

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( – Residents of a North County subdivision that saw landslides during recent heavy rains met with MSD Friday seeking answers.

Many residents of Hathaway Manor South subdivision say the ground along Maline Creek, which runs behind homes, gave way causing landslides during heavy rain December. Some residents lost parts of their backyards.  The creek serves as a drainage outflow for MSD.

Residents asked MSD if work can be done to limit potential damage when the creek floods, but the agency told residents it has other projects it must get to first. It also said it is facing a tight budget.

“I’m sitting in a bad position now,” said Hathaway Manor South resident Charles Haynes. “If something came up, I couldn’t sell that house, I’m sitting with a house you might as well say is going to be a derelict.”

MSD insists the resulting the damage from the flooding is not the agency’s fault.

“When you live near a creek or a drainage way, you run the risk of erosion and the risk of flooding. That is a private property issue unfortunately,” said Lance LeComb with MSD.

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