Madison Co sets up new program to help parents pay child support -

Madison Co sets up new program to help parents pay child support

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Madison Co has created a unique program to help parents pay child support.

Officials told News 4 the biggest reason why many parents fall behind on child support is a lack of money due to a lack of a job. The problem goes far beyond Madison County.

“It’s a huge problem. I believe 12,000 cases right now are before the State’s Attorney’s Office, 6,000 of those owe current child support and only half of those 6,000 are paying on current child support,” said Tyler Wilke, an assistant state attorney with the Child Support Division.

To help parents who are struggling to pay, officials created the Child Support Accountability Court.

“The first thing we do is tell them this is not an adversarial court. It’s a court to help you, it’s a problem solving court. It’s not mean to hurt you, but to help you along the way,” said Wilke.

The court includes programs to help participants obtain a GED, put together a resume, train for an interview and land a job. A presiding judge says those who appeared before the first session of court were excited to get back to work and that several local colleges are willing to help.

Several private businesses have also helped, including RP Lumber in Edwardsville. For more on the court, click here.

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