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Dashcam footage captures frightening wreck in West County

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Helena Gramlich Helena Gramlich

Another round of winter weather on the way, and that means another round of treacherous roadways.

Early Tuesday morning, Helena Gramlich had a first hand encounter with the dicey driving surfaces when she was in west St. Louis County on her way to work, and her dashcam caught it all on tape.

“I couldn't stop, there was no way to avoid it,” she said. “It just happened so quick.”

Before sunrise Tuesday Gramlich is heading north on 141 near Big Bend. A 25-year-old woman from Barnhart heading south lost control of her SUV and the vehicle flipped over the median and right into oncoming traffic.

“I was just telling my wife, please be careful, it's really slippery, because she works at Des Peres Hospital she was on her way to work also,” Gramlich said, recounting her conversation on a hands-free phone moments before the accident. “‘Slow down,’ and that's when it happened.”

The crash totaled the SUV along with a pick-up truck it hit. Gramlich's Audi has at least $10,000 in damage and the estimate could go higher.

Gramlich, a former paramedic, says she tried to comfort the driver until first responders could arrive.

“She didn't even remember,” Gramlich recounted. “She thought it was a dream. She was pretty shaken up.”

The dashcam, which Gramlich bought for $39 dollars in case there was ever a dispute over an accident, didn’t just capture the wreck. It also shows drivers flying by on dangerous roads, unaware or unconcerned of the danger of speeding in bad conditions.

“I want people to realize that no matter how big a vehicle you have, if it's four wheel drive or not, don't take this weather for granted,” Gramlich said. “A Little bitty dusting will cause you to lose control and flip. You have to be careful."

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