Photo booth snapped pictures of alleged thief, police say -

Photo booth snapped pictures of alleged thief, police say

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Batavia Police Department Batavia Police Department


(CNN) - Police say they know exactly who stole $75 from an Illinois photo booth, because it is, well, a photo booth.

A man entered the booth and broke into its coin compartment at the Funway amusement center in Batavia, west of Chicago, on November 25, police say.

    The booth has a mechanism that automatically activates the camera when the machine senses tampering, Batavia police Detective Kevin Bretz said -- a feature the thief apparently was unaware of.

    The machine took photos of the man, whose face was not covered, police say. Batavia police posted the photos to its Facebook page and received several tips, Bretz said.

    "Once a possible ID was made, we contacted him and advised him to turn himself in to police, which he did," Bretz said.

    Chancellor Terrell, 24, of Illinois, surrendered in connection with the theft Monday, police said.

    Terrell, charged with Class A misdemeanor counts of theft and criminal damage to property, was released on $1,500 bail, according to Bretz.

    Class A misdemeanors in Illinois are punishable by less than one year in prison.

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