News 4 Investigates: Tax scammers attempt to steal money through -

News 4 Investigates: Tax scammers attempt to steal money through new tactic

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( – Tax scammers are trolling through communication channels to get a hold of your money, especially during tax season. In this case, the scam came through an email.

“It was addressed to me in my personal email, but it had ‘IRS Admin” at the top, which I thought was a little strange,” said Debbie Beezley, tax scam victim.

Beezley says she clicked on the sender and noticed it was an AOL account, She says she knew it was probably a scam.

Beezely says at first glance the email appeared to be legitimate.

“But when you actually read the text within, the grammatical errors within probably clue you that there might be some significant concerns,” said Beezely.

In past cases, the News 4 Investigates team says IRS scams involve phone calls from people posing as IRS representatives, not through emails.

Tax scams are a prevalent problem nationwide. Authorities say the Treasury Department released a public service announcement warning about the fraud.

Authorities say the safest thing to do is hang up the phone, so you do not get caught up in a scam. Beezley says in her case, just delete the email.

“You never want to click on the links because that immediately opens up for other issues,” said Beezley.

If you actually owe the IRS money, the agency will contact you by snail mail first, not by phone or email.

Authorities say many of the calls and emails from scammers come from outfits oversees. Do not wire money if you are asked by a scammer.

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