Alton residents informed their mail was thrown in a field, tosse -

Alton residents informed their mail was thrown in a field, tossed in dumpsters

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ALTON, Ill. ( -

Dozens of Metro East residents are were surprised to find out why they hadn't received their mail, when their local post office sent a letter Monday explaining where it went. 

At least 100 Alton homes didn't get mail delivered on January 23 of this year, and according to a spokesperson for the Office of Inspector General, mail that was supposed to be delivered on that date was found in a field and ditch.

After an investigation, it was determined a fill-in letter carrier was supposed to deliver the mail.

When she was tracked down last week, she admitted she didn't do the job and even threw away letters in dumpsters. The Inspector General's Office says they found some 200 pieces of mail dumped in the ditch and field. That mail will be redelivered, but the mail in the dumpsters is long gone.

The mail worker has been with the U.S. Postal Service since December. Investigators say at this point they have no reason to believe she destroyed or threw away any other mail in the past.

She is subsequently quit and while not in custody, could face local, state and federal charges.

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