Victims of travel club speak out after getting "stiffed" -

Victims of travel club speak out after getting "stiffed"

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( - Two St. Louis consumers are speaking out after they were victimized by a travel club.

The travel club has been going by the name Destinations, formerly VSA Holdings and International Travel Solutions. 

After receiving an invitation to a 90-minute seminar, Marlin Klein and Terry Herring, were offered a chance to join the travel club. 

At first the price of membership was $12,000, but the price was cut in half after negotiations.  By joining, the two men were under the assumption they would be able to go on vacations at significantly discounted rates. 

One member even said they could call 24 hours a day and they would be able to talk to them about their travel plans.  There was just one problem- one of the victims never heard from them after that.

“There was never a response,” Klein said. “That was when I knew I had been stiffed out of six thousand dollars.”

Herring said he was trying to book a trip to Portland, Oregon, but the travel club told him when he wanted to go was unavailable.  He never heard from them regarding a solution, so Herring took it a step further to fight for his money by threatening legal action. 

“I said ‘either I get my money back or I go to the state attorney general and I let him take it from there’,” Herring said.  He ended up getting a refund of nearly $3,500. 

“They don’t know any better.  They’re just crooks.  It’s in their mind and they’ll always be there,” Klein said.

“It’s very sad to me because there is a value in a service to be rendered.  We, in good faith, accepted all the things they told us.  We were very disappointed with the results we saw,” Herring said.

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster is currently suing Destinations in an attempt to get its entire operation shut down in the state.  It also calls for the company to pay back all victims the money they lost. 

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