News 4 Investigates gets results for family fighting cancer -

News 4 Investigates gets results for family fighting cancer

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TROY, Ill. ( -

( -  Wes and Missy Huff, a young couple in Troy, Illinois contacted News 4 after learning their health insurance provider would no longer cover treatment for Missy’s breast cancer at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois sent the couple a letter stating the St. Louis doctors were now out of network. Missy had been receiving treatment at Barnes in 2015 which was covered, but BCBS said a plan change meant the Huffs had to be treated by physicians in Illinois.

Missy's breast cancer is very aggressive and the couple fears they can’t afford the time it would take to find a new cancer team, which is not a risk they are prepared to take given they just had a daughter.

"She's so young, she wouldn't remember me," Missy said.

For Wes, the prospect of losing his wife and his daughter losing a mother is simply overwhelming.

"I cannot fill my wife's shoes, I would try, I couldn't do it," he said.

If the Huffs opted to stay with the team of physicians at Barnes in St. Louis, they could not afford the treatment.

"Oh my gosh, some of these, just the chemo drugs alone are $6,000 for one week," Wes said.

After being contacted by News 4 and the Illinois State Department of Insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois quickly determined a mistake had been made, issuing the following statement:

"In this case we did not provide the level of service our customers have come to expect from us. We are reviewing the calls and information provided to Ms. Huff, and we will provide appropriate coaching to prevent similar miscommunication issues."

Even with insurance coverage, the Huffs still face substantial medical bills. They have established a GoFundMe page to help with the mounting payments.

Illinois and Missouri residents can get advice and help dealing with insurance complaints of all kinds at their respective state’s Department of Insurance. Insurance companies are required by law to respond to inquires from the state departments. Below are links to the Missouri and Illinois Departments of Insurance:

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