St. Peters having residential boom, nearing capacity for single- -

St. Peters having residential boom, nearing capacity for single-family lots

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St. Peters is in the midst of a huge residential boom and those looking to build there are running out of time before the city is at capacity.

"Back when the recession hit in 2007, 2008 we had over 2,000 lots to be built and slowly those have been bought up by builders," said City Administrator William Charnisky. "It is a safe community. We have a high quality of life. We have parks. It is a great place to live.”

That buy up has accelerated, and officials say there are only 68 single family home lots left.

With so many people flocking to St. Peters, questions are arising about how the growth could affect students. However, the new residents aren’t coming with kids attached according to the school districts.

"A lot of the residential growth is in condos, apartments. We just aren't seeing the kids that would tax our schools beyond what we could handle,” said Fort Zumwalt Superintendent Dr. Bernand Dubray. “We are in pretty good shape even with that growth.”

But residential is not the only area in which St. Peters is expanding

"We have big tracks of land, 700 acres of land very that are reasonable for industrial development, businesses, commercial type development and right now it is starting to boom," says Charnisky.

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