Following fatal Highway 61 crash, community calls for safety cha -

Following fatal Highway 61 crash, community calls for safety changes

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A community call for change is coming just over a week after a deadly crash killed a mother and her two young daughters on Highway 61 in St. Charles County.

The area has seen tremendous growth over the past several years and that means more traffic on Highway 61, increasing the risk for accidents.

While St. Charles County gets the lion's share of attention when it comes to growth, Lincoln County has seen plenty as well; growing from about 39,000 residents 16 years ago to nearly 55,000 today.

On average, 47,000 vehicles use the highway between Troy and Wentzville each day.

Part of 61 is in what's called a "travel safe zone" where traffic fines are doubled, a denotation given to areas with a collision rate higher than the state average.

Area police chiefs, EMS workers and mayors are featured in a video online calling for cable barriers. to decrease the risk of accidents.

Additionally, a Lincoln County mother with five children started an online petition for the barriers. Janey Beene drives 61 every day, and her petition has quickly collected thousands of signatures.

I've seen many wooden crosses go up on the highway,” she said. “I don't want to see any more wooden crosses go up for something that should be an easy fix”

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