Murder charges filed after hoverboard robbery turns deadly -

Murder charges filed after hoverboard robbery turns deadly

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Ronald Houston, Jr. is charged with murder and robbery Ronald Houston, Jr. is charged with murder and robbery

ST. LOUIS ( -- An 18-year-old man is charged with murder after an armed robbery turned deadly near Delmar and Clarendon Sunday.

According to police, Ronald Houston Jr., of the 4100 block of Kennerly Avenue, was riding with 19-year-old Dominick Chambly on Delmar Boulevard in a car. Houston was in the passenger seat and there were three other passengers in the back.

When they approached the area of Clarendon, Houston reportedly saw an unknown man on the sidewalk with a hoverboard and announced he was going to steal it. According to court documents he pulled a ski mask over his face, exited the vehicle with a handgun, and stole the hoverboard from the man.

As Houston reentered the car, the unknown robbery victim drew a gun of his own and began firing at the vehicle as it drove away. The shots struck Chambly, who eventually crashed. Only two people were found at the scene of the crash; Chambly, who was later pronounced dead at the hospital, and Houston, who was shot in the back.

Chambly's brother said he is not sure who to blame for the shooting.

"I don't know. I'm still thinking about my brother right now. I have no feelings with that right now to be honest," Chambly's brother said.

Houston was taken to the hospital and remained in stable condition, but was later charged with four felonies in connection to the incident. Not only is he charged with first degree robbery and two counts of armed criminal action, he’s also charged with second degree murder.

If a suspect is perpetrating, attempting to perpetrate or fleeing the perpetration of a felony and someone dies as a result of any of those actions, that suspect can be charged with murder, according to the probable cause statement. Chambly’s death resulted from felony action by Houston, so not only is he charged with everything connected to the robbery, he is responsible for what happened after it was committed.

Houston was on probation for a unlawful use of a weapon at the time of the crime. Circuit Court Judge Jimmie Edwards was the judge who sentenced Houston to probation, News 4 went to courthouse to seek a comment from Edwards, but was told he was not in.

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