Some brightly colored crosswalks in St. Louis may be putting ped -

Some brightly colored crosswalks in St. Louis may be putting pedestrians at risk

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -

From rainbows in The Grove to the city’s signature Fleur-de-Lis in Tower Grove Park, brightly colored crosswalks can be found all over St. Louis.

But it turns out they are not compliant with the Department of Transportation’s standards and could potentially put pedestrians at risk.

“You can find them in almost every neighborhood,” explained Jamie Wilson, the City of St. Louis’ Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator.

Wilson took on the city’s new role last October and soon learned that many of the city’s crosswalks were not compliant.

“They’ve shown it doesn’t really increase the safety much and that it can detract from it,” Wilson said a letter from the DOT explained.

Wilson said it was a shock to St. Louis as well as cities all over the country who employed the colorful crosswalks for aesthetic purposes but also as a way to make them pop for drivers.

“That was the intention,” said Wilson.

But now they will have to return to the more common white lines. There are some variations, but nothing like the painted works of art common around the city.

Wilson says they have turned down any new plans for similar crosswalks and will not maintain the current ones. Instead, they will be replacing them as needed.

“Until we see it’s a direct conflict for pedestrians we won’t be tearing them out,” he said in terms of what happens to the crosswalks already painted.

Since there isn’t a plan to tear out the ones in place the non-compliant crosswalks shouldn’t cost the city any additional money.

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