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Local man creates app to help abuse victims

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A local real estate agent is working to help victims of abuse after getting a voice message he wasn't supposed to hear.

Brian Rohlfing heard a recording of a husband abusing his wife and felt helpless.So he took action. With an army of support, Rohlfing created an app to help victims of any type of abuse.

"It took me a long time to tell one person what was going on,” said domestic abuse survivor Delisa Richardson. “If I had the app, just sit down, press the play button. That call would say everything I couldn't say, wasn't able to say."

The app, called Stop Harassing Me now, is meant to help victims struggling with abusive spouses, bullies and even aggressive telemarketers and creditors.

App users flag certain contacts and the app then saves all text messages with that person and any pictures you want to another location so they can't be erased. The same can be done with phone conversations.

“When you block, you infuriate. When you block, they show up at your house at your door,” said Rohlfing, explaining why simply cutting off contact can cause further issues. “This gives you the ability to have a chain of evidence."    

“You hit record, it dials a number real quickly, merge calls, and you continue talking,” added Michael Lang, who helped develop the app. “A disclaimer plays that this is a recorded call."

Richardson says the app also helps victims understand they are victims.

"A lot of times when you are going through the situation, your mind can be so twisted because of the mind games they play on you,” she said. “You don't know what abuse is, don't know what harassment is."

To get the app, the best place to start is their website www.stopharassingmenow.com/

There you can download the app. Right now it's only available on Android, but they're working on releasing an iOS version.

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