Lindbergh School District: Current Crestwood Mall redevolpment p -

Lindbergh School District: Current Crestwood Mall redevolpment plan hurts our budget

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The Lindbergh School District is opposed to the plans currently on the table to redevelop the Crestwood Mall site, saying it gives away too much tax money to the developer.

The district told Crestwood officials the plan would forgo tax money towards the district. The developer, Chicago-based Urban Street Group, wants $15 million from the city of Crestwood and the school district upfront. It plans to revitalize the mall property with commercial and apartment buildings.

“We’re also fearful we’ll have children coming out of those apartments with no tax dollars behind them to educate them, they add more students for us and fewer dollars to use,” said Lindbergh School District Assistant Superintendent Chuck Triplett.

The district said it is not against breathing new life into the property but would prefer a plan that it believes does not deny it necessary revenue.

A representative of Urban Street said there will plenty of revenue flowing from the development.

“Everybody agree there would be a small amount of students coming out of there (the development) and we would pay for them by paying taxes on that property,” said Robert Burk with Urban Street Group.

Crestwood officials are still debating whether they will approve the project.

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