St. Peters residents, officials still want answers on foamy, gre -

St. Peters residents, officials still want answers on foamy, green creek

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( – Residents in St. Peters say a creek near an industrial park, which was green in May 2015, is now foaming and officials are looking for answers.

"RB (Reckitt Benckiser) is looking into what the potential problems might be, they're trying to isolate where the material is coming from," said St. Peters Spokesperson Lisa Bedian. "They haven't yet, but making a real effort to do that." Reckitt Benckiser makes household cleansers and is located near the creek. The company has halted all deliveries by rail and is excavating the loading area looking for the problem.

However, residents are still very concerned. 

“She was going home and went down the road and said ‘Mom, there’s foam and there’s a man in a mask with gloves,’” said Betty Fuerst, a homeowner in the area. Fuerst says it looked like a man was spraying something on the foam in the water. However, when Fuerst’s husband came to check it out, the man ran up the hill and disappeared. 

Lisa Bedian, who works for the City of St. Peters, says she met with the company and said they are going to “find out what was going on there and the problem and we’ll meet with them next week to find out what exactly the situation is and stop it in the future because it’s not something we want to continue.”

City officials say it’s likely someone was spraying some sort of de-foaming agent to keep the suds down. But that’s just a guess. Officials do not have any definitive answers.

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