Lawsuit contends election method of North County school board un -

Lawsuit contends election method of North County school board unfair

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A federal lawsuit contends the way the Ferguson Florissant School District board members are elected is unfair.

The ACLU alleges the process favors whites over African Americans. Five of the seven board members are white even though the district’s population is evenly split. According to the ACLU, board members are chosen through an at-large voting system, rather than a system of parceled off districts which could give African Americans a 4-3 advantage on the board.

“Generally in all the elections we have reviewed, the experts will testify about the candidate preferred by the white majority community wins and the candidate preferred by the African American community loses,” said Jeffrey Mittman with the ACLU.

Attorneys for the school district released a statement saying the district does not violate federal law and the current system encourages an expansion of African Americans on the board.

Some also believe the current system also hurts students.

The suit is being heard before a judge, not a jury, and is expected to last until Friday.

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