Alderman targets stolen guns in effort to curb murders -

Alderman targets stolen guns in effort to curb murders

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ST. LOUIS ( -- St. Louis Alderman Chris Carter says he is targeting stolen guns in St. Louis in 2016. He told News 4 that stolen guns were used in many of the 188 murders last year.

“The streets are flooded with these guns,” he said. “We need to know what’s out there.”

Carter, who represents the 27th ward, is currently drafting a law that would require gun owners to report stolen guns within 72 hours, or face a possible fine.

“This would also create a database of the guns for police,” he added.  

State lawmakers are also working on similar legislation, but Carter, whose ward includes part of north St. Louis, believes passing it locally would help the idea gain steam.

“It’s very critical for us to impact the gun crimes,” he said.

However, many Missourians don’t believe guns laws are the answer. Carter says he understands owners may bristle at more restrictions, but thinks the more information, the better.

“Well anytime a gun is stolen I think authorities should know,” he said. “This isn’t the final answer, but it helps.”

NRA Spokesman Lars Dalseide said the organization would be “opposed to any law that creates a database.” He added that the 72 hour time frame to report a lost or stolen gun is a concern.

“Someone could be on vacation for a week and have their gun there stolen,” he said. “What happens then?”

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