Alderman seeks $25 million to update first responder equipment i -

Alderman seeks $25 million to update first responder equipment in St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS ( -- There is a new push Friday to find millions of dollars that could help save residents’ lives.

The money, $25 million, would go to support first responders in St. Louis and help pay for new equipment and upgrades for firefighters and other emergency workers.

St. Louis firefighters say some fire trucks and other emergency vehicles are nearly 25 years old and sometimes break down on the way to calls.

The St. Louis Board of Aldermen is considering the $25 million plan in order to change that. Last year, there was a push to raise $180 million for the cause, but the bond failed. This time around 24th Ward Alderman Scott Olgilve says passage is critical. He introduced the plan Friday and says it won't require a tax increase.

"We have other debt that we are paying off, so we can borrow up to that limit without raising taxes,” Olgilve said. “So we are anticipating paying off debt this year and next."

Olgilve says his plan will now move to committee, and he hopes it will appear on the ballot for voters in April.

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