MSD: More money needed to fix storm drainage problems -

MSD: More money needed to fix storm drainage problems

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Eroding land near Fenton, Mo. home Eroding land near Fenton, Mo. home

FENTON ( – Many homeowners, like those in Fenton are worried about losing their homes from major flood damage. 

Mike Koch, Fenton homeowner, is distressed about the eroding land near his home. Several homeowners had problems with landslides after recent flooding.

“I have a 7-year-old and a 10-month-old and they’ll be playing in the yard and I’m worried it’s getting close to the fence and they could fall through and into the creek,” said Koch.

The Metropolitan Sewer District, MSD, is in charge of storm drainage. The agency’s storm drains usually lead into creeks and streams.

MSD says the problem is finding money to fix drains and expanding banks on creeks.

According to MSD, voters in the upcoming spring will decide on a uniform property tax across the St. Louis area that would fix problems such as an expanding creek.

“We’ve got a list of projects way more than we can fund and we work down the list taking care of everyone we can. We’ll be able to cover the projects within the amount of money,” said Brian Hoelscher, Executive Director of MSD.

The tax MSD is looking for will raise close to $50 million to fix things like a creek.

On average, officials say repairs would cost homeowners in the City of St. Louis about $3 a year and as much as $50 a year for those living outside I-270.

If the vote fails, officials say homeowners living near eroding land will not be getting any help at all.

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