Resident: Officials denying responsibility for problem creek cau -

Resident: Officials denying responsibility for problem creek causing landslides

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News 4 is hearing from several homeowners who say they have concerns about losing parts of their property in landslides after heavy rains and flooding.

The complaints come after residents of one North County subdivision say a flooded creek is causing parts of their yards to wash away.

MSD says crews will be sent out to survey the area along Maline Creek, the area in question, at some point.  However, other parts of the St. Louis area are suffering from the same problem. In one Ferguson neighborhood, some residents’ backyards has turned into a cliff.

"Our house has cracks, we are losing the corner of our house. Even our next door neighbor, who is our daughter, it is all the way up to the house. They have very little dirt to walk on," says Kathy Larue.

Larue first had problems during the summer of 2014.

"The drop off in June was like three feet and it varied from 30 to 36 inches. Now it is gone. Everything is gone," she says.

Larue says she called MSD for help.

"At first they came out in June and said they didn't have anything to do with Maline Sewer Creek," she says.

MSD told News 4 it was the responsibility of St Louis County, but county officials said it was Ferguson’s responsibility. The city told News 4 it is the homeowner’s responsibility.

While still waiting for answers, the people who live nearby are suffering and concerned what will become of their homes.

"It's been a struggle.  It is kind of getting used to not having my family next door. It has been a struggle," Larue’s daughter says.

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