Imagine A Better St. Louis: Rappers unite to spread message of p -

Imagine A Better St. Louis: Rappers unite to spread message of peace

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ST. LOUIS ( -- With 188 homicides, 2015 proved to be a violent year in St. Louis. That's why KMOV launched the End Violence STL campaign.

But with the new year we are shifting focus, making St. Louis a better place to live, work and enjoy all of what makes our communities great.

It's called Imagine A Better St. Louis, and we are already hearing from some in the community who want to see a change.

Rappers from all over St. Louis recently sat down with News 4 This Morning anchor Andre Hepkins, and told him they knew many of the young African-American men killed by violence last year.

They also said they know many of the killers.     

Now they're united by the music they're using to spread this message: "We must stop killing each other."

The song is called “Neighborhood.” The hook came from Buddie Love, one half of St. Louis hip-hop crew The Yunginz.

The powerful pair grew up together in the same neighborhood near Natural Bridge Avenue and Grand Boulevard.

If Buddie Love is the Yin, Leak Jacob is the Yang, and the two think a way out of the grip of gun violence in the city is an alliance with other St. Louis rappers. Most of them come from neighborhoods full of homes that are literally or figuratively broken, or both. They know a lot of people who have been shot to the death and they know the shooters who are still out in the streets

That's why they're all coming together to stand behind the message of peace, rather than glorifying guns.  

They came to that realization late last year. In  2015, St. Louis city detectives investigated 188 homicides, 148 of the people who were killed were black men.

Now they want to be at the center of a new synergy that brings serenity to the streets of St. Louis.

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