Belongings of missing Grafton woman found after flood waters rec -

Belongings of missing Grafton woman found after flood waters recede

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GRAFTON, Ill. ( - It's been days since torrential rain led to flash flooding in Grafton, Illinois and the night that Heather Bardsley disappeared.

On January 5, police found items they believe belong to Bardsley, including lipstick, gift cards and reading glasses. Those items are all clues leading to where she could be. 

Bardsley was last seen near North Cedar Street on December 26.

Bardsley’s brother, Jason Bardsley, says his sister was coming home after a night of drinking with her friends. He says she was dropped off near her home and has not been seen since the incident. 

Police are zoning in on an area behind a gas station on Cedar Street, where there is a drain pump. 

"Everyone wants to come up here and do something. Everyone wants to be in that tunnel going through the piles of wood. I myself would like to be the first one in there," said Jason Bardsley. 

A crew, including the police chief, searched on January 6 inside a drain pump, but there is still no sight of Heather Bardsley. With heavy debris from the flooding stuck inside, they can only search a small part of the area at a time.  

"That has been an obstacle because we can already tell at this point as of last night that there is fresh debris so there is a lot of stuff we know that came with that storm," says Chief Marshall Lewis. 

All the family can do now is wait. Bardsley says they pray for closure. 

"We would like to find her alive, but everything is leading to that culvert that drain," says her brother. 

Chief Lewis adds, "We are going to be out here every day search through that tunnel even if we only get another five feet the sooner this river recedes, the sooner we can get deeper into that tunnel," he says. 

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