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Police keeping scammers out of flooded Arnold neighborhoods

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ARNOLD, Mo. (KMOV.com) -

Police are maintaining a strong presence in flooded Arnold neighborhoods to keep out scammers. 

“We’ve had no scammers that I’m aware of,” said Joe Cleghorn, a flood victim.

When a flood or storm enters the area, scammers are usually as predictable as mud and downed tree limbs.

“We knew they were coming, we knew it was going to happen,” Arnold Police Department Chief Robert Shockey said. “We dealt with this in 1993, we dealt with it when we had some minor floods.”

So, police started stationing an officer at each entrance early on to restrict access from outsiders.

“It’s a comfort to know someone’s here, watching out just in case,” Jennifer Shipley, a flood victim, said.

Jennifer and Brandon Shipley are cleaning up after getting water in their basement. Like every homeowner, they have to show proof they live in the neighborhood to get in.

“It’s kind of a pain, but a good pain because I would much rather them be strict and keep trouble out of here,” Brandon said.

When a rumor popped up of a possible scam involving a contractor, police stepped in quickly.

“We had one problem, but it was an honest mistake and we’ve got that rectified and so far so good,” Shockey said.

Some residents are surprised that they haven’t yet seen scammers.

“I kind of did expect it, we had some after some hail storms a couple of years ago,” Cleghorn said. “We had quite a bit of that. But, I think the Arnold Police Department’s just done a great job.”

But, if scammers do show up, be sure to call the police.

Only contractors with a business license can do work in Arnold.

Police advice flood victims to call the emergency operations office or City Hall and check up on any contractor who is proposing to do work for you to make sure they’re legit.

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