Residents in South Roxana apartment complex receive abrupt evict -

Residents in South Roxana apartment complex receive abrupt eviction notice

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Tenants at a South Roxana apartment complex receive eviction notice Tenants at a South Roxana apartment complex receive eviction notice

SOUTH ROXANA, Ill. ( – Residents in an apartment complex in Madison County, Illinois received an eviction notice with less than 48 hours to move out.

The letter came from Chief of Police of South Roxana Police Department and says the building located on 100 Sinclair Avenue is unsafe to live in due to damage from heavy rain. 

“It is bad enough my kids have to live in this environment right now. It's not good to take your kids back and forth. That is not good,” says Mark Carter, tenant.

According to residents, the ceilings are falling apart and there are holes in the roof. Carter is one of seven tenants who received a notice on their doors on January 4.

"We don't know what we are going to do, where we are going to go. We called Catholic Charities, Red Cross. Everyone said they couldn't help because they are helping people with flood damage,” said Carter.

Another tenant added she feared she would have to quit her job because of the unexpected housing uncertainty.

“I have no family. I have a job that I work at a warehouse and I can’t take my daughter to the shelter and leave her alone because she isn’t 18,” says Michelle Buehler, tenant.

The letter tenants received not only says they had to leave, but it also says it is the landlord who has to provide living arrangements for them.

“Our landlord isn't fixing our roof and he's letting seven out of eight people in this apartment building go homeless. I have a 1-year-old boy and a 4-year-old daughter and we have nowhere to go,” says Carter.

Nora Robertson, apartment manager for the building says she was able to contact the chief and he says for the next two nights, tenants can stay at the building.

Robertson also says the landlord’s wife told her everyone will then be put up in a motel.

"I didn't know I had the power to get the ball rolling, but now I know and that is why it took so long to get everything going,” said Robertson.

According to Robertson and the landlord, both have a week to get the building up to code or else the tenants could face eviction.

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