Gun owners, gun store operators doubt efficacy of Obama's gun pl -

Gun owners, gun store operators doubt efficacy of Obama's gun plan

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President Barack Obama made an announcement Tuesday morning about a number of executive actions he would be implementing in an effort to prevent gun violence. They included requiring all gun sellers to run background checks, more FBI staff to run checks, better access to mental health care and improvements in gun safety technology.

News 4 has been out getting reaction from gun owners, law enforcement and gun shop owners on what is sure to be a passionate legal battle from both sides of the issue.      

Supporters of President Obama’s plan say something must be done to curb gun violence, while critics say the president's move is doing nothing but undercutting Americans' rights to own guns.    

At the Ultimate Defense Firing Range in St. Peters, Ray Preston sat down with with owner and part-time Lake St. Louis police sergeant Paul Bastean.

Bastean has opinions for both sides of the debate. For instance, he applauds spending additional money on programs that could potentially detect mental health issues.

“That's where it needs to be able to be spent. Give me the ability that if someone has mental health issues, we can access that,”  he said. “At this point we don't have access to that because it's all protected information.”

The president defended his call for tougher gun laws saying they are constitutional and some constraints of freedom are necessary to protect innocent people.

The president's proposals call for anyone selling guns to get a license and conduct background checks. It would close the so-called "gun show loophole".

But bastean says gun shows are not the source of the problem.

“It's not the solution to the problem,” he said. “It's throwing mud at the wall and seeing what sticks”

Gun owners seem to agree. Lifelong fun owner Jared Miller was born and raised around guns.

He says he has no problem with mental health background checks but believes a change in gun laws would be worthless.

“The people that are going to obey them religiously are people like myself who aren't really affected by them,” Miller said. “I'm not going to do anything illegal or unlawful so more gun laws are just more problems for me to follow.”

News 4 also spoke with James Clark from Better Family Life. He says what's needed more than stricter gun laws would be a cultural shift or change away from gun violence.

We did a little digging to find out when the next gun shows would be held in our area..

According to Gun Show Trader, there is nothing in the St. Louis area until the first week of February when there will be a gun show in St. Charles.

This weekend there are three shows in the state, but they are all on the other side of Missouri.

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