Some residents of Granite City, Ill. stuck in Red Cross shelters -

Some residents of Granite City, Ill. stuck in Red Cross shelters after historic flooding

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GRANITE CITY, Ill. ( – Many individuals throughout the Metro East are still relying on American Red Cross shelters for lodging, while others are allowed to return to their homes after recent flooding..

Several people are becoming anxious and frustrated because they can not return or live in their homes due to the historic flooding at the end of December.

Jenny Creekpaum and her fiancé are living at a Red Cross shelter in the basement of Nameoki United Methodist Church in Granite City. The couple says they are wondering when they can go home to their trailer at Lake Shore Estates.

“The flood is still there on the roadway. Can’t go back because it’s so deep. Can’t get to our trailers. The road is still covered in water,” said Creekpaum.

Creekpaum says she was evacuated two days after Christmas. Both Creekpaum and her fiancé spent time in a hotel, but the cost became too expensive.

County inspectors came to the trailer park on January 4 and gave the couple the ‘okay’ to start turning on the electricity and gas, but there are still problems at Lake Shore Estates.

Joe Lee, Fire Chief for Mitchell Fire Protection District said, “They’re gradually turning back on power to some of em’, to the ones that don’t have transformers under the water. And right now, we’re trying to get the gas company back out here to start turning on the gas so people can get some heat.”

Authorities say the water is low enough that emergency vehicles would be able to make it through the trailer park with little difficulty, but the water is still slow to recede in some areas.

The time frame when Creekpaum and her fiancé can return home is still unknown, authorities say.

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