Eureka businesses bouncing back -

Eureka businesses bouncing back

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EUREKA, Missouri (KMOV) – Homes and businesses have been destroyed by flood waters in St. Louis County, but today county officials announced assistance programs that will help local businesses rebuild. 

Joe Boccardi’s manager Mario Boccardi said his restaurant is well on its way to repairing what’s been lost.

“Everything has to be redone from the ground up. We are talking hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage,” said Boccardi. 

This is just one of many restaurants experiencing this in St. Louis County. County Executive Steve Stenger said there is help for local businesses like Joe Boccardi’s.

“The purpose of the funds is to get money in their hands very quickly so they can get back up and running while they wait for their insurance proceeds to come through,” said Stenger. To get this help Stenger said all you have to do is contact the county to see if you qualify.

“I'm very thankful there are a lot of businesses in this old town stretch of Eureka. Everyone needs help,” said Boccardi.

If you’d like to help, call 314-615-7692 or email Joe Bannister at

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