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12 Illinois cities declared disaster areas

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Skyzoom4 was over the City of Alton Thursday morning Skyzoom4 was over the City of Alton Thursday morning

12 cities in Illinois have been declared disaster areas and Friday Governor Bruce Rauner toured the most affected communities.

In Pontoon Beach in Madison County, there are still people displaced by the flooding. Many that have returned home have found significant damage. Other cities, like Alton, had their downtown submerged.

With so much water remains, it will be days and possibly weeks before the real cost is known.  But residents and business owners are already wondering how the state's budget crisis is going to affect the long road to recovery.

“Right now we don’t believe that the lack of  a budget is affecting services and support for people affected by the flood,” Governor Rauner said. “We’re going to do everything we can to make sure the communities get the support they need.”

Rauner said he is working with the Department of Commerce to free up available funding, but added the majority of the help will hopefully come from federal relief.

“There are different pockets of money. We’re going to leave no stone unturned, we’re going to look at every possibility,” he said.

But residents like Latonya Ball, who've been staying at the Red Cross shelter in Pontoon Beach are worried as they prepare to go back to their homes.

“Where’s my next move? Where do I go in the event that my home is gone or not livable? That’s a hard situation when you’ve got kids and you want to know where you’re going to lay your head.”

The mayor of Pontoon Beach said no businesses were damaged or destroyed. The extent of damage to houses is still unknown as they wait for the water to go down.

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