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Floods shut down two MSD water treatment plants

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FENTON, Mo. (KMOV,com) -

Floods are causing havoc for the Metropolitan Sewer Department. Two wastewater treatment plants are dealing with flooding – Valley Park and Fenton.

Bill Mauler of Valley Park was able to protect his house.

“I was getting ready to sandbag, I’ve got my own stuff,” Mauller said. “The water came within nine inches of the house.”

Steps away from his home, the MSD Grand Glaze Wastewater Treatment Plant in Valley Park wasn’t so lucky. Efforts to sandbag the plant failed. MSD was forced to close the plant this morning.

“We actually shut this down before the water overtook it, so there weren’t any electrical issues,” Sean Hadley, an MSD spokesperson, told News 4.

The facility should be treating 21 million gallons of wastewater per day. It is also three times bigger than the Fenton plant that went offline earlier this week because it’s submerged.

Water and sewage from both facilities are being diverted into streams and creeks. Raw sewage is the greatest risk to anyone that gets near the flood water.

“It is very crucial that you do not come in contact with flood water,” Hadley said.

MSD is calling in outside contractors to stay as operational as possible. Officials say they hope to get the Valley Park plant online soon. The Fenton location may need months before it can be operational again.

“We are very much in emergency response mode and our top priority is as soon as the water recedes to get this plant up and operational. We will get it up as quickly as possible,” Hadley said.

There is a way to help.

“If you can at all, possibly conserve water,” Hadley said. “We can’t tell you not to flush your toilets, but if you can, it can help to conserve your water.”

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