Meramec crests in Arnold, residents begin to assess damage -

Meramec crests in Arnold, residents begin to assess damage

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ARNOLD, Mo. ( -

One of the areas hardest-hit by flooding is the city of Arnold, where an estimated 150 homes were damaged.

But there is some good news for residents; as bad as the flooding was, it will not get any worse.

The Meramec River rested Thursday, hitting 47.2 feet.

Several homes in several neighborhoods took on water, and given the historic height of the river, some residents decided sandbagging would be a losing battle.

“The water was going to be higher than we could possibly build in time so we all decided we were going to get a U-Haul truck, pack it up and leave," said resident Deidre Engelman.

Some in the area reported four to five feet of water in their basements, while other homes are expected to have water up to the first floor.

Despite the damage, residents can now begin looking forward to the rebuilding and repair. It will take days for the record floodwaters to recede, but they are officially on their way out.

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