Valley Park mayor confident in levee following evacuations -

Valley Park mayor confident in levee following evacuations

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Flooding concerns are top of mind for people in Valley Park. Earlier Wednesday, residents in the lower end of the area were evacuated because of the rising levels of water in the Meramec River.

A major interstate and highway through the area is shut down because of flooding, as well as several other roadways. About a half a mile down from the river on Route 141 and Marshall, police blocked off that road to prevent people from stopping to take a look at the rising river.

When it comes to the roads, drivers can not get around I-44 and Route 141 as the area is covered in water.  

As of  now, the road is closed from Highway 100 in Grey Summit to 270. MoDOT expects it to remain closed for at least the next couple of days. Even when the water does go down, there is a potential for more problems. Officials says pot holes and infrastructure are big concerns post flood. For drivers, the closures made getting from point A to B a nightmare.

"They told me I might have to turn around in Union. Union might be underwater. My best bet is to go back home," said resident Cindy Windstead.

Valley Park Mayor Mike Pennise says he is working closely with the corps of engineers regarding the levy.

He feels confident of its infrastructure; so much so, no sandbags are being put out. The corps of engineers is also optimistic in their projections for how the levee will hold up. Pennise said dirt and sand is being placed at the base of the levee, just for reinforcement.

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