Area rivers continue to rise after 6-12" rains -


Flood waters are beginning to recede across most of the area, Mississippi crests at Chester early Saturday

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ST. LOUIS ( – The Mississippi River crested below record levels at Alton and St. Louis Friday. New record crests were set on the Bourbeuse River at Union and along the Meramec River Thursday. Current levels all across our region are now falling slowly.

Mississippi River At Alton: Crested at 35.8' (1993  Record 42.7').

Mississippi River at St. Louis: Crested at 42.58' (1993 Record 49.6').

Mississippi River at Chester: Should rise a little more and crest around 46.5' early Saturday morning.

New Record Crest set at Union: 34.31' (1982 Record 33.8').

New Record set at Eureka: 46.06' (1982 Record 42.89').

New Record set at Valley Park: 44.11' (1982 Record 39.73').

New Record set at Arnold: 47.26' (1992) Record 45.30).

Not a chance of rain in the forecast until Thursday, January 7th...good news!

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Valley Park mayor confident in levee following evacuations


Earlier Wednesday, residents in the lower end of the area were evacuated because of the rising levels of water in the Meramec River. 


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