St. Louis police and community programs face financial setback t -

St. Louis police and community programs face financial setback to help end violence

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ST. LOUIS ( – Police recently found out they are losing money from the Asset Forfeiture Program to help end violence in the St. Louis area.

The loss in income will impact police for things such as department helicopters and other equipment. This setback will also hit hard on community groups that are fighting crime.

James Clark, Vice President of Community Outreach for Better Family Life, says the money he was counting on from the St. Louis Police disappeared.

“It’s is something of a setback when you look at the Asset Forfeiture money that comes from the community,” said Clark.

Sam Dotson, Chief of Police for the St. Louis Police Department said, “We’re left to deal with a decision made in Washington, D.C. that’s going to impact your safety and mine.”

Dotson says money from seized property will no longer find its way back to St. Louis because of cuts in D.C.

Of the $200,000 or so the St. Louis Police Department received this year, $20,000 was given to Better Family Life. The organization used the money to encourage felons to work in the community and turn others away from gun violence, authorities say.

“Better Family Life and other organizations have benefited where we have been able to actually outreach and help people find jobs and get into GED programs and drug treatment programs. This news is somewhat alarming. We believe it should be reconsidered,” said Clark.

Better Family Life and other programs, like a community engagement unit started by police, now have a funding hole to start the New Year. 

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