Slim pickings on store shelves Christmas Eve -

Slim pickings on store shelves Christmas Eve

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Shoppers at Home Depot on Christmas Eve 2015 Shoppers at Home Depot on Christmas Eve 2015

ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -- Gift-giving is a major part of the holiday season, and this year consumers are expected to spend roughly $830 on gifts.

Many of you might have completed your shopping nearly a month ago with Black Friday sales, but if you haven’t, you could be in trouble.

“People have been coming in full carts and it’s not just nickels and dimes, people are making real big purchases here,” said Brentwood’s Home Depot employee Will Burchfield.

Burchfield was not kidding. We caught up with one shopper who had a cart filled with BBQ essentials.

“I’ve got the charcoal, the fancy deal from Webber and the lighter fluid,” said Carl Hughes.

From material goods to food, consumers this year wasted no time at the checkout counters.

“There is lamb, smokers, mint for maybe the weekend. We have dinner already made for tonight. We made it a couple of days ago,” said Kevin Kieffer.

Another shopper told us he didn’t mind the crowds and bare shelves in the stores.

It is so nice being out on Christmas Eve. You see everybody and everybody is kind of cheery. It is kind of fun,” said Brad Cornwell.

With the mad rush of buying presents and treats for loved ones, it’s important not to forget what the holiday season is truly about.

“The birth of Jesus Christ, love, happiness, joy. America has been going through a lot lately, got this Isis threat. It is good to see people out, happy with a smile on their face,” said Hughes.

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