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Police: Theft of wires causes 65 to lose phone service near De Soto

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DE SOTO, Mo. (KMOV.com) -

Thieves knocked out phone service to 65 homes near De Soto after they stole telephone wire from utility poles late Sunday night or early Monday morning.

The culprits targeted wire on poles on Wilson Hollow Road. They climbed fifteen to twenty feet high and cut down 400 feet of a 600 feet section of wire on several poles. Police believe they wanted the wire for the copper, which can be turned around and sold.

“It is not something easily done and it would bring attention if someone was doing that. We’re assuming it happened overnight on Sunday,” said Lt. Gary Higginbotham with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department.

Police believe the wire is worth around $1500 but it will probably sell for a lower price at a scrap yard.

“We want people to be aware, anything that looks out of the ordinary, any type of vehicle without markings, non-uniformed personnel around phone lines, anything like that,” said Higginbotham.

Police will be checking local scrap metal buyers in hopes of catching the thieves.

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