Decoy packages left on porch to give thieves a message -

Decoy packages left on porch to give thieves a message

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BENTON PARK ( - As packages are being stolen from front porches in the St. Louis area, some residents decide to leave their own surprise for the thief. 

"I just thought it would be nice to leave the thief a message," said Connie Comiskey, resident in Benton Park. 

Comiskey thought the best place to leave the message was in a package sealed and left on her front door. A message sprinkled with glitter reads, 'Please stop stealing other peoples property.' 

Taking packages left by delivery people is a common crime during the holidays. The week of December 14, Brentwood Police Department told residents to be on alert after reports or repeated thefts. 

While some homeowners have resorted to security cameras to watch thieves, residents of Benton Park decided to leave decoys. 

St. Louis police say they have not made any arrests in Benton Park for front porch thieves. It seems the thief got the message and if he or she comes back, the decoys will still be there, say police.

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