In effort to reduce crime, MSD initiates new plan to demolish ru -

In effort to reduce crime, MSD initiates new plan to demolish rundown buildings

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ST. LOUIS ( – City officials in St. Louis have a plan in place they say will improve environment and reduce crime.

The new plan is being initiated by the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District, MSD. The plan will cost $100 million for a rainscaping program and demolishing rundown, vacant buildings.

Francis Slay, St. Louis City Mayor, said, “These are types of buildings that are not providing any good to the neighborhood. They are not only eyesores, they are dangerous. Someone can get hurt around them.”

Slay says the plan will clean up neighborhoods and “…Reduce the amount of structures on the soil so that the soil can take more storm water and help us with the storm water runoff, which will help up with our issues with the sewers.”

Officials also announced that they will use 13.5 million dollars to demolish about 1,600 vacant buildings.

Sam Dotson, St. Louis Police Chief, says he is glad to see these types of structures go because they are a part of the crime problem in the area.

“If the neighborhood shows signs of deterioration, the criminal element will feel that the neighborhood doesn’t care about itself and that they feel comfortable to operate in that,” said Dotson.

Slay says the city launched a similar project last year where they demolished nearly 30 vacant buildings and saw a 22 percent crime reduction.

Slay hopes to see similar results in the partnership plan with MSD.

The plan is not a done deal yet. The EPA still needs to sign off. The EPA will get a first look at the plan the week of December 28.

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