North Saint Louis charter school to close its doors in June -

North Saint Louis charter school to close its doors in June

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -

Parents and students of a Saint Louis charter school are facing a new challenge.

Those enrolled at the Jamaa Learning Center on north Grand just learned their school is closing.

"I have a lot of friends here, but I am not sure they know about this, but I am going to miss them a lot," says 10-year-old Marvin Carter.

The center has about 150 students enrolled. It is one of 29 local charter schools, which are tuition-free and public, but have to have a sponsor to keep the doors open.

The University of Missouri sponsors the Jamaa Learning Center, and just told parents its charter will end June 2016. This means the center won't be option for families like the Clarks.

"It is the unknown. You don't know where the teacher's hearts are at, if they'll be able to stay together. I have four kids. I like that they stay in school together," says Aunyi Carter.

Thursday night is the first of two meetings to be held at the center for parents who have questions. Earl Simms, with the university says the decision came down to the unversity's bottom line.

"The school was on a financially stressed list previously we also had concerns with some loans taken out in order to keep them off that list," he says.

The first meeting is set for 5:30 pm at 3108 North Grand Blvd. The next meeting is set for 8:00 Friday morning.

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