New DNA testing bill drawing fire from ACLU -

New DNA testing bill drawing fire from ACLU

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -

A Missouri state representative is campaigning to require DNA samples be collected from anyone charged with a felony in the state.

Linda Black (R-Park Hills) believes collecting and testing the DNA samples could lead to solving open cases that have gone cold. The policy would be an extension on Katie’s Law, a 2009 piece of legislation that requires DNA samples be taken from those arrested on suspicion of murder, rape, burglary or assault.

The ACLU opposed Katie’s Law and said this next step is a violation of privacy. It takes particular issue with the idea that the samples would not only be collected, but would be tested against a database; which is a procedural requirement that could be introduced through a subsequent proposal.

ACLU officials have noted that there is little justification to run the DNA of a person charged with a financial felony against a database of violent crimes just to see if something sticks, and it would give the government too much control to use a person’s DNA to in search of further convictions.

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