Residents call for Dothan police chief's resignation -

Residents call for Dothan police chief's resignation

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(Source: WSFA 12 News) (Source: WSFA 12 News)

Dothan's police chief is facing more heat after a local blog accused officers of planting drugs and weapons on black men over the years.

A group of residents attended the city commission meeting Tuesday morning to call for his resignation.

One of the major concerns brought up was the chief's affiliation with the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

About two weeks ago, Chief Steven Parrish responded to a photo on a blog of him and other officers holding up a Confederate flag. The chief said he's a proud member. Some residents argued that it's a conflict of interest for the police chief to be a part of an organization many see as a hate group.

"The insensitivity of Steven Parrish to be proud of this type of heritage is unbelievable and unacceptable," Ruth Page-Nelson said.

Commissioners John Ferguson and Beth Kenward spoke out against the organization being based on racism and hatred during the meeting.

The group also addressed claims that the police department has been framing black men over the years under Parrish's leadership. The case mentioned in the same blog was from the 90s and the officer has not worked with the department since then.

"They're trying to stir up people. I think the media needs to talk to more people who support Chief Parrish and the police department," said resident David Mckley.

Commissioner Kevin Dorsey described the group's actions as embarrassing.

"I think we have greater issues than what we're dealing with today. This is something of the past. I'm big on facts and we have to be factual. I can't jump, as a person with a leadership role, off of he say she say," Dorsey said.

We reached out to Parrish, but he chose not to comment on the issue any further. He still challenges anyone to bring forward current cases of police planting evidence.

Commissioners did not make any decision regarding the request for the chief's resignation.

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