Tax cheats: How to protect yourself -

Tax cheats: How to protect yourself

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -- If you have been a victim of Tax ID Theft in the past, you should be offered an IP PIN.

It’s a specific code that would keep anyone but you from filing your taxes. But you can be proactive and double check that a Tax Cheat has not filed a fake return with your information. You can call the toll free line to the IRS for people who believe they may be a victim of ID Theft. That number is: 1-800-908-4490. 

Of you can go to and order a free transcript of your tax records.  

There are 5 types of transcripts, you’ll want to the one that’s called the verification of non-filing to make sure no one has filed for you. But anyone who does call asking for a Non-filing Letter for 2015 they will be told it isn’t available until after June 15 and helped to order the transcript they need.

In July, The IRS issued a Special Edition Tax Tip, that included information about the IRS temporarily stopping the online functionality of the Get Transcript application process that delivered a transcript immediately.  The Get Transcript tool still lets a taxpayer order a Tax Return or Tax Account Transcript that will be mailed to the last address we have on file for the requestor.

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