Baby R should be here before the end of the year! -


Baby R should be here before the end of the year!

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -- Howdy from the final few weeks of pregnancy! As I begin week 38 of 40 we are officially on baby watch and I’m visiting my doctor every single week to keep checking in on baby and my progress. It’s a strange feeling to now be totally ready and just waiting for our little guy to make his appearance. The hospital bag is packed, the nursery is finished, we are pre-registered at the hospital, and now we just need a baby!

We are officially ON THE CALENDAR for the baby pool that Meghan Danahey created at my recent baby shower thrown by several KMOV ladies. 

Notice I guessed the earliest day out of any of the guests. Do you think I’m ready to get this show on the road?! I almost made my husband walk home when he guessed more than two weeks later… haha!

We had a wonderful turnout for the shower and a big thank you to our Assistant News Director, Amanda Purdum, N4TM Co-Anchor Emily Rau, N4TM Traffic Anchor Laura Hettiger, Meteorologist Meghan Danahey, and Executive Producer Jamie Hartzke for making such a great shower happen! Their attention to making every single detail perfect and in keeping with the nautical theme of our nursery was amazing. Baby R and I felt so very loved! 

This was one of my favorite “shower activities.” Each guest wrote a little note to me on a newborn diaper. I made an effort to not read them so I can get a good giggle when I’m changing diapers in the middle of the night!

It was a fun step to get the car seat put in the back of my vehicle a couple of weeks ago. I was very surprised to learn that fire departments no longer help with getting these safely installed. 

The St. Louis Fire Chief recently told me it’s actually a state certification to be able to install them and, because of budget cuts, our local fire stations are no longer getting those certifications. If you or someone in your life is having a baby and you live in the St. Louis area I would highly recommend going to Safety Stop at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. There are many qualified places, but they did an exceptional job of showing me how to install it as they were doing it. It was a free service and took a little under an hour. 

Our nautical nursery is looking so great and is ready for baby! This little corner of the crib is my FAVORITE. Of course, everything will have to come out of the crib when there is a baby in there since it is recommended that the baby is not accompanied by any pillows, blankets or stuffed animals due to suffocation risks. It’s a cute look for when I “make his bed,” though!

Our 4-year-old rescue pup, Jack, is patiently waiting for his new role (he even has his new bandana ready to roll!) and has already taken to a spot right next to the crib for his naps. 

I’ve had many people ask me if Jack knows something is up and my answer is absolutely YES! He is always very protective over me but in recent months it’s been amazing to watch how it has intensified. He goes crazy anytime anyone, even family, touches my belly! He will be a great big brother.

I’m always anxious to get the holiday decorations up early but this year I was especially motivated to make sure everything is in place BEFORE I go into labor. My husband’s family and I have an annual tradition of spending an entire day baking holiday cookies. This year we bumped it up much earlier because I wanted to have some ready to give to the hospital’s labor and delivery staff. 

Like every other year, we baked HUNDREDS of cookies. We each choose one kind of cookie we wanted to make. This year I made the gingerbread ones at the bottom of the picture with the holly on top. They all turned out great!

Just a quick note that next Friday, December 11th, I will be hosting a community baby shower that will benefit the St. Louis Crisis Nursery. We are in need of diapers, wipes and new bottles for families who cannot afford them in our community. 

Please consider dropping by any of the above locations and donating these desperately needed items. I’ll be at our St. Charles county newsroom from 2:30-6:30 pm. I’d love for you to stop by and say hello!

Thanks for dropping by to check out my final diary entry before the baby arrives! I appreciate all of your prayers and well wishes in the 9.5 months leading up to now and for a safe delivery in the weeks to come.

As always, please connect with me at or on Facebook and Twitter.

Happy Holidays!

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