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Teens arrested in series of robberies, carjackings; could parents be cited?

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ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – Police have connected teenagers to several violent crimes across the city and St. Louis County and now investigators are looking into whether any of their parents might face charges.

On Sunday, two teenagers were taken into custody following a carjacking in South County. On Monday, two additional teenagers were arrested. Police say the teens, ages 14-16, are connected to at least three armed carjackings.

Now police say there is a potential the parents of the teens could be cited. Over the last year it’s a tactic the St. Louis Police Department has used following crimes committed by teens. At this point though, no citations have been filed.

However, the teens in this case as well as the three 15-year-olds recently arrested in connection to a series of armed robberies in the Central West End and near St. Louis University, could also potentially be tried as adults.

“An armed robbery would be one where it automatically going to be a certification hearing,” explained Juvenile Judge David Mason.

Judge Mason could not speak to the specifics of these cases but in general terms said that depending on the criminal history of the juvenile and the violent nature of the crime, both could determine whether they would be charged as an adult.

One of the carjacking victims said he was shocked to hear the two men that ambushed him and his partner in their garage were teens.

“I don’t understand that, it makes me sad, I certainly didn’t believe those people were teenagers at the time, they did not act like a teenager,” he said.

Judge Mason says that could also play a factor in a teen being charged as an adult.

“Sometimes you do find that a child, 13, 14 years old is quite frankly is advanced in terms of their criminality and their level of culpability of criminal conduct,” he explained.

Because they are juveniles, investigators cannot say whether the teens remain in custody Wednesday night.

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