Road stripes causing confusion for some drivers -

Road stripes causing confusion for some drivers

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ST. LOUIS ( – A dividing line along a stretch of road in the Central West End is causing confusion for some drivers.

Orange road stripes divide one lane on Boyle Avenue into two parts. Officials said the markings were drawn to section off a parking lane. However, some commuters, like Sheri Stringer, said the parking lane actually looks like a separate traffic lane.

“To me it looks like a two lane street where two cars can come by at each side,” said Stringer.

But cars are not meant to travel down the lane. Vehicles parked to the right side of the orange striped line are there legally. 

Stringer, who drives along the road during her work commute, said the situation gets more confusing when it's dark outside.

“We come so early in the morning, it's dark...If I didn't work here, I wouldn't know," said Stringer. "I'd probably be wanting to slam on the breaks."

St. Louis City Traffic Commissioner Deana Venker said the lines were initially drawn by utility workers.

“These little spray paint marks that are going down, these are utility lines or locates," said Venker. 

Venker said all drivers should keep a close eye out on the road.

“With any new road you haven't been on you need to be accessing and watching your signs and your cars around you," said Venker. "Follow the rules of the roads, follow the line and the stripes.”

There is no word on how long the orange line will be along Boyle Avenue.

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