Firefighters urge residents to follow safety tips following dead -

Firefighters urge residents to follow safety tips following deadly house fires

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -

A deadly house fire that claimed the lives of three small children has prompted firefighters to send out a warning to the community.

The St. Louis Fire Department said all residents should have working smoke detectors in their homes and use space heaters sparingly.

Investigators said space heaters and no working smoke detectors likely caused the house fire on Plover Avenue early Sunday morning, killing 10 month-old Seven Hutcherson, 4 year-old Anastasia Odom, and 6 year-old Aniya Calvin. 

"I had 30 firefighters that were on the scene, that were visibly shaken," said St. Louis Fire Chief Dennis Jenkerson. "When you suffer the loss of a small child…it really affects you."

The chief said families should never use space heaters as a primary heating source because most household materials are highly flammable. 

"Anytime you use a secondary heating source, a space heater, no matter the brand, you're gambling with your lives, you're gabbling with your grandchildren's lives," said Jenkerson.

Residents who do not have smoke detectors in their homes, can contact the St. Louis Fire Department. 

The department offers free smoke detectors and installation services to residents in St. Louis and surrounding areas. For more information on this service call 314-516-2797.

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