Charity that ran a food pantry in Cahokia said the city not allo -

Charity that ran a food pantry in Cahokia said the city not allowing pantry to properly function

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A charity that ran a food pantry that was closed down in Cahokia said the city is holding charity property hostage.

The Cahokia Community Food Basket closed in June when newly elected Cahokia Mayor Curtis McCall fired Christina Walker, the pantry’s director, and other city employees. McCall said the pantry was not doing its job.

“Seniors were given expired milk, rotten meat, some citizens never received items. Some items were given to friends and family,” McCall said.

McCall never offered proof and charges have not been filed. Walker has always denied the allegations and said people in need are suffering.

“Everybody’s crying out for help for food and it breaks my heart because I can’t help them, but we’re getting to process where we can help all of St. Clair County again,” said Walker.

Walker said the pantry, which is trying to re-open, cannot properly function because Walker claims the charity cannot get its freezers back until McCall sees proof it belongs to them.

“I have spoken to some people who can write letters, but they’re not going to have the serial numbers. He wants documented proof on where the stuff came from, not realizing that just because it was in that building does not mean any of it belongs to the city,” Walker said.

News 4 went by McCall’s office to seek a comment, but he was not in.

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