Group seeks to oust Jennings mayor -

Group seeks to oust Jennings mayor

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JENNINGS, Mo. ( - A group of Jennings residents are attempting to kick the city's mayor out of office amid accusations of misconduct and incompetence.

The group drafted a petition against Mayor Yolanda Fountain-Henderson, seeking a recall election. Efforts to oust the mayor come weeks after she sued Jennings to challenge an ordinance that guaranteed non-elected city employees four-year terms.

Petitioners said aside from filing a costly lawsuit against the city, Fountain-Henderson has also created a hostile work environment and continues to ignore advice from the city attorney.

"Our city has been going downhill in an uproar ever since she became mayor," said Percilla Jones, a petitioner.

The mayor refuted those accusations.

"It's a little shocking because a lot of these are lies," said Fountain-Henderson. "The [lawsuit] has not cost the city one red cent so far, we have not moved forward with it." 

Some residents say they are critical of the mayor for challenging an ordinance that she supported as a council member. Fountain-Henderson said she wants to appoint the city's department heads, and without the ordinance, she would have the legal right to do so.

"Most of the employees, not all of them, don't want change," said Fountain-Henderson. "And usually when change comes, it comes with this hostile work environment."

Organizers will have to gather more than 2,000 signatures to get a recall election.

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