Residents speak out against proposed NFL stadium -

Residents speak out against proposed NFL stadium

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( – Today, St. Louis city leaders held a meeting for citizens to come and voice their concerns about the proposed NFL stadium on the riverfront.

“You’ve got a stadium area where people clearly said if they are going to put more money into stadiums, we need to vote on it,” said Michael Bird who lives in Dogtown. “We need democracy. And here you go. You’ve got the stadium (coming) across the highway to this area right here. (It's) against the will of the people. It’s disdainful.”

Emotions continued to run high. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss funding and the proposed NFL stadium. However, many people were equipped with signs that read “No Vote, No Stadium,” and “Keep the Rams in ST. Louis.”

Some say it goes beyond football. Some believe it’s about opportunity, growth, and minority inclusion.

“The economics of the stadium proposal are net positive, physically sound, and doable,” said St. Louis Regional Chamber Joe Reagan. A few days ago, the Board of Aldermen met to approve or deny a proposal for a nearly $150 million commitment of the $1 billion dollar project.

“Personally, I’m not in favor of spending a billion dollars on a fiscally, irresponsible decision,” said Nabeehaha Azeez, a North City resident.

A poll was issued at the beginning of November that found a majority of registered voters are opposed to using public funding for the riverfront stadium.

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