St. Charles County may halt road projects in O’Fallon -

St. Charles County may halt road projects in O’Fallon

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( – Officials with St. Charles County say they will consider halting road projects in O’Fallon, Missouri if O’Fallon reduces the number of traffic lanes on Main Street.

“Why would we want to spend $2 million in Road Board money to create an extra lane of traffic when O’Fallon is talking about eliminating a lane of traffic?” said St. Charles County Executive Steve Ehlmann. Ehlmann says it’s not unusual for stipulations to be added before money is committed to a project, but the county’s proposal did not go over well with the city council.

St. Charles County officials are trying to improve Sonderen Road to help with the traffic flow, but wanted the city to pass a resolution assuring the county O’Fallon would not reduce traffic lanes on Main Street.

Some city council members say it’s “interference,” “Heavy-handed,” and “A power grab.” Rose Mack, a city council member said, “That is blackmail, that is hostage, and that is wrong on so many levels.”

“When the county takes two priority projects and ties to them a requirement that has nothing to do with those projects, that’s a scary precedent,” said Tom Drabelle, who lives in O’Fallon. “If the city were to accept that and that’s what it comes down to.”

Ehlmann says the county can’t tell the city what to do with Main Street. “We can tell them we think you ought to keep it open and if you’re not, we don’t want to go ahead and fund this other project,” he said.

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